Amiga A-Copy for PC

Doscopy, Bamcopy, Nibble

Update: 01.08.2021

Amiga A-Copy does not claim to be a respective follower of the legendary Amiga-Copyprogram X-Copy.
(Many...many thanks to Frank Neuhaus and H. G. Berg)
For the X-Copy History you can visit The X-Copy Shrine

After I had awakened my Amiga 1000 and A500 from their slumber after decades i found many boxes with sparsely labeled 2DD floppy disks.
My A1000 and A500 both have floppy drives. Yes, I the meantime a lot has been done in terms of USB, SD, etc.. Mine are just original retro remained.
Since there are countless websites where you can download ADF files, but I don't have a USB port on my Amigas, I decided to develop a copy program to write the data from my PC to a 2DD/HD Amiga disk.

But for this you need some hardware which I found ADF-Copy after a short research at Nicks Labor
(Thanks to Nick for his great work)

Download A-Copy


And of course there is always something to change and improve in such projects.
Copy, delete, rename files,
Implement SCP, (in progress)
Improve nibble,
Adapting for Arduino-Bridge (Hardware awaiting)
Adapting for GreaseWeazle (Hardware awaiting)
Bamcopy from Disk to Image, (Done)
COM-detection updated, (Done)

Disk-/Fileinfo,Copy to multiple destinations (HD/USB/SD)

I would be glad about feedbacks and improvement suggestions from you.
Please send them to:

Have fun...

Extract the Zipfile into a folder of your choice and copy the TTF-Font into the Windows\fonts directory.
That's all...start ACopy.exe (Languages: german/english)

A-Copy is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind, and the author is not responsible for any damage this software may do.