Amiga G-Copy for PC

Doscopy, Doscopy+, Bamcopy, Nibblecopy

Update: 12.05.2022 Ver. 0.4

G-Copy-Manual (eng)
G-Copy-Manual (ger)
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G-Copy does also not claim to be a respective follower of the legendary Amiga-Copyprogram X-Copy.
(Many...many thanks to Frank Neuhaus and H. G. Berg)
But for this you need some hardware which I found Greaseweazle from Keir Fraser
Keir Fraser Greaseweazle (Thanks to Keir for his great work)

Most of my Amigas (A1000, A500) have floppy drives...and so I wanted to get the good old games from the WWW onto floppy disks.
From this G-Copy was born.

I need software testers who want to test G-Copy and give me feedback please.

So... working functions at G-COPY:
Doscopy -> HD-ADF file>floppy disk and floppy disk>HD-ADF file,
Doscopy+ -> floppy disk>HD-ADF file (like Diskripper, reading fault tracks over again for correct data)
Bamcopy -> HD-ADF file>floppy disk and floppy disk>HD-ADF file (only data from bitmap; much faster),
Nibblecopy -> HD-SCP file>Diskette and floppy disk>HD-SCP file (incl. copy protection),
DMS2Disk -> HD-DMS file>floppy disk,
DMS2ADF -> HD-DMS file>HD-ADF file
IPF2Disk -> HD-IPF file>floppy disk,

Delete, QFormat, Format the floppy disk
From xx-start to xx-end ... on the selected page
The good old X-Copy boot block is written.

Selection of the floppy disk drive:
IBM A or B
Shugart 0 or 1 or 2

Diskinfo shows the bitmap and the name of the floppy disk...

So far you can copy whole disks.
If you use beginning-end (say track 10-20), only the data of these tracks will be copied. (file will be smaller than 880 kb).

Copy IPF-file->floppy disk...
Babarian-Orig-IPF from HD-IPF file to floppy disk > OK...(use 81 tracks).
Works...tried the copied floppy disk in my A500 with floppy drive.

Copy from floppy disk to SCP file...use nibblecopy(81 tracks).
Works...tried it in Amiga emulator(FS-UAE 3.0.0 1mb fastram)


The disc name (if it is on the floppy disk) will be suggested for saving.
Virusdetection on floppy disk and HD file:
Until now 456 Booblock-Viruses will be detected.
You then have the choice of leaving the virus on the boot block or overwriting it with the X-Copy boot block..
Selected floppy disk (drive) will be stored at program end (INI-file).
Original X-Copy sound added (End and Abort).

And of course there is always something to change and improve in such projects.
Copy the start end from the disk to the correct place of the file
Copy the correct part of the file to the floppy disk
Writing to multiple destinations
Detect SD, Directory, Copy, delete, rename files,

Disk-/Fileinfo,Copy to multiple destinations (HD/USB/SD)

I would be glad about feedbacks and improvement suggestions from you.
Please send them to:

Have fun...

Extract the Zipfile into a folder of your choice and copy the TTF-Font into the Windows\fonts directory.
That's all...start GCopy.exe (Languages: german/english)

G-Copy is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind, and the author is not responsible for any damage this software may do.