Amiga A-Copy for PC

Doscopy, Bamcopy, Nibble

Update: 11.08.2021

Amiga A-Copy does not claim to be a respective follower of the legendary Amiga-Copyprogram X-Copy.
(Many...many thanks to Frank Neuhaus and H. G. Berg)
For the X-Copy History you can visit The X-Copy Shrine

After I had awakened my Amiga 1000 and A500 from their slumber after decades i found many boxes with sparsely labeled 2DD floppy disks.
My A1000 and A500 both have floppy drives. Yes, I the meantime a lot has been done in terms of USB, SD, etc.. Mine are just original retro remained.
Since there are countless websites where you can download ADF files, but I don't have a USB port on my Amigas, I decided to develop a copy program to write the data from my PC to a 2DD/HD Amiga disk.

But for this you need some hardware which I found ADF-Copy after a short research at Nicks Labor
(Thanks to Nick for his great work)


And of course there is always something to change and improve in such projects.
Copy, delete, rename files,
Implement SCP, (in progress)
Improve nibble,
Adapting for Arduino-Bridge (Hardware awaiting)
Adapting for GreaseWeazle (arrived, detection ok)
Bamcopy from ADFImage2Disk, (Done)
COM-detection updated, (Done)

Disk-/Fileinfo,Copy to multiple destinations (HD/USB/SD)

I would be glad about feedbacks and improvement suggestions from you.
Please send them to:

Have fun...

Extract the Zipfile into a folder of your choice and copy the TTF-Font into the Windows\fonts directory.
That's all...start ACopy.exe (Languages: german/english)

A-Copy is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind, and the author is not responsible for any damage this software may do.


Download A-Copy